Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Laser Hair Removal Equipment

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Yahoo! News - Search Results for laser hair removal

Yahoo! News - Search Results for laser hair removal

09/07/2005 03:00 AM
Medical Spa and Laser Hair Removal Center to Donate 100% of Daily Revenue To Katrina Victims (PR Web via Yahoo! News)
(PRWEB) September 7, 2005 -- Medical Spa and laser hair removal center to Donate 100 percent of Daily Revenue to Katrina Victims.
09/07/2005 03:19 AM
Medical Spa and Laser Hair Removal Center to Donate 100% of Daily Revenue To Katrina Victims (PR Web)
Medical Spa and Laser Hair Removal Center to Donate 100% of Daily Revenue To Huricane Katrina Victims. [PRWEB Sep 7, 2005]
08/26/2005 09:05 AM
Laser-Hair-Removal-Chicago Provides Information New Technology (PR Web)
Laser hair removal will work on almost any part of the body, now with proven long term results. smelly hair removal creams, pain or time consuming process are now blongs to the past. Laser hair removal now takes their place and eliminates all those disadvantages. [PRWEB Aug 26, 2005]
08/30/2005 03:00 PM
Beachwood Laser Clinic Offers BOTOX & Restylane Treatments to Reduce Wrinkles and Keep Skin Looking Young (PR Newswire via Yahoo! Finance)
Beachwood Laser Clinic, an industry innovator and leader in laser hair removal and skin renewal, offers BOTOXÂŽ and RestylaneÂŽ treatments to reduce frown lines and wrinkles in skin.
09/06/2005 01:54 AM
Missoula to walk for heart health (Missoulian)
The mission of the American Heart Association is to decrease the risk of cardiovasucular disease and stroke and death and disability associated with them by 25 percent by the year 2010, Koester said.
09/06/2005 02:57 PM
Roth Capital Partners New York Conference 2005 Presenter Profiles (Business Wire via Yahoo! Finance)
The Roth Capital Partners New York Conference takes place Sept. 7-8 at The Westin New York at Times Square. For in-depth information about the event visit
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